SmartPC-Ai1 CDAA (catadioptric system)

All in One solutions plug and play with deep learning-based software

SmartPC-Ai1 Series (multi-mirrors system)

Ai1 - All in One solution

Total Vision solution for inspection and quality control of 360 degrees side view of an objects using a single shot.

  • Software  integrated in a user-friendly interface.
  • High power Illumination and controller included.
  • Plug and Play set up. Save time and help with the technical support. 
  • Deep Learning 4 steps easy process: 
  • acquisition 
  • labeling 
  • training on the cloud
  • runtime of inference model on a powerful integrated edge device.

Traditional Approach

Ai1 innovative approach

SmartPC-Ai1 includes:

  • Industrial Computer
  • 2/3” or 1/2” camera 
  • Catadioptric lens
  • High power illumination
  • High power Light controller
  • Aluminum clamping
  • Linear stage Z axis
  • Software deep learning based
  • PLC, triggering, encoders communication ready
  • Customizable GUI (Logo, colors)
  • Manual iris and focus adjustment



Optical System

  • Innovative= 360 degrees side view with one shot
  • Flexible= available for 1/3”, 1/2” and 2/3” cameras based on the speed requirements of the application
  • Robust= rugged hardware and closed case to protect from dust
  • Compact= super small form factor for a full side inspection.
CDAA Preview

Computer Hardware

  1. Fast= based on NVIDIA AI Supercomputers in 3 different configurations 4-cores, 6- cores and 8-cores.
  2. Robust= rugged hardware with industrial. compliant connectors and opto-isolated GPIO
  3. Versatile= integrated current controller for high power illumination with I/O for the camera trigger (encoder or sensor).
  4. Super compact= stand alone version including the software is available for customized applications.


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