SmartPC-Ai1 Series

Our main customers requested a new device that could solve common problems in the Industrial Computer Vision field: durability, simplicity of deployment, ultra-compact design, and top performance.

So we designed the SmartPC-A11 to solve the challenges we face in Industrial Computer Vision.


A Total, All-in-One, Plug & Play Vision Solution that integrates optical systems, deep-learning software, illuminations, and a powerful AI edge device into a simple, unified form factor. It means no more hundreds of different cables to choose and connect, no more different vendors for different parts of the vision system, no more dozens of different failure points to analyze in case of an accident.

At the heart of the SmartPC-Ai1 Series, there is the SmartPC-Ai1 Standalone, an edge device with highly optimized built-in software, enhancing operational efficiency in edge computing. It can transform any system into a state-of-the-art deep learning-based solution in a few minutes. The optical system features high power illumination, controllers, anti-scratch sapphire glass, telecentric lens + multi-mirror box with various FOVs and configurable angles for the TCMM models, while the computing power comes from NVIDIA AI-Edge devices (8-cores and 12-cores). The high-power illumination is handled by an internal controller and totally managed by onboard software.

Another innovation that we introduced is the automated remote cloud training. Training task for Deep Learning is a big resource and time-consuming task. The traditional approach solves this problem with very expensive workstations that are good for training but overpower all the other tasks. We removed this requirement from the on-site production device, which now can be robust, fast for inference and low cost. After the labeling, the dataset is transferred to the cloud in a click of a button and the training starts automatically. When the training is completed by our powerful servers, the inference-model is transferred back to the production device, and the operations can start.


SmartPC-Ai1 Standalone

Product 1
NVIDIA AI-Edge device with optimized built-in deep-learning software. Transform any system into a state-of-the-art deep learning solution in a few minutes.


A computer vision-based system is made of many different components to be selected case by case during the feasibility process (camera, optics, illumination, computer, controllers, software, etc).

The traditional approach is to choose, buy and assemble all the components separately.

Traditional Approach


  • The integration requires many different skills and expertise.
  • The BOM contains dozens of components.
  • The assembly and maintenance cost are high (time consuming).
  • The software integration has too many levels of complexities (computer vision, algorithms, network, peripherals communication, drivers' compatibilities and so on)

Far island's Innovative Solution

Our solution is to cook for you all the needed components assembled, tested and ready to use in a compact and flexible system that we call SmartPC-Ai1. Ai1 stands for All-in-One , while simultaneously highlighting its powerful AI capabilities.

InnovativeNo-code Deep Learning-based software included.
Acquisition -> Labeling -> Training -> Prediction all GUI based.
RobustRugged hardware with industrial compliant connectors and opto-isolated GPIO.
FastBased on AI Supercomputers in 2 different configurations 8-cores and 12-cores.
CompactMade to fit impossible places.
ScalableOne-Man integration (replace an entire vision system team)

Easy to set up like a smart camera, but powerful like a computer, this innovative solution has many key advantages:

  • Fully automated and easily monitored process. *
  • Approaches to zero-downtime integration. *
  • Scalable
  • Very High value/cost - Save Time and Resources.
  • Easy after sales support and maintenance.
  • Deep learning-based software with no-code approach (fully graphical).
  • One-man integration (a single person can handle the whole integration).

The possibilities are endless, but we translated a few of the most requested and difficult to integrate applications into ready to use, plug-and-play marvels of product design and engineering.


SmartPC-Ai1 Standalone

Product 1
NVIDIA AI-Edge device with optimized built-in deep-learning software. Transform any system into a state-of-the-art deep learning solution in a few minutes.


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