Vial Inspection - SmartPC-Ai1 Polyview

We customized the Ai1 Polyview system, a multi-mirror system that provides a single-shot-based 360º multi-view for vial inspection for a customer in the Pharmaceutical Industry. For vial quality control, two Multi-Mirror systems at different angles are used together with one SmartPC-Ai1. With this setup, the SmartPC-Ai1 Polyview System provides inspection functions for various defect types such as vial drug oil/leakage inspection, surface inspection, integrity inspection, barcode reading, cap inspection, etc. leveraging various FOVs obtained through a single shot-based 360º multi-view. 

Pills Inspection - SmartPC-Ai1 Muti-Mirror System

The Challenges of Pill Inspection in Pharmaceutical Industry
In the fast-paced and ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the quality and safety of pills is paramount. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, the sector is witnessing a revolution in quality control processes. The pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges in pill inspection. It demands extreme precision to identify defects, correct dosage, and ensure the integrity of the pills. Traditional inspection methods often fall short in meeting these stringent requirements. Far island's innovative pill inspection system, leveraging a telecentric lens multi-mirror setup and deep learning-based total machine vision solution, is at the forefront of this transformation. 

Far island's Innovative Solution: SmartPC-Ai1 Multi-Mirror System
Far island's SmartPC-Ai1 Multi-Mirror System integrates a telecentric lens with a multi-mirror arrangement, providing unparalleled clarity and accuracy. Far island's SmartPC-Ai1 Multi-Mirror System provides a total vision solution for 360-degree inspection of objects from multiple views using a single shot. Telecentric lenses have a greater depth of field compared to conventional lenses. This allows for a larger portion of the object to remain in focus, which is essential for consistent inspection of three-dimensional objects or uneven surfaces. Multi-mirror arrangements in telecentric lenses allow high-resolution imaging. This is particularly beneficial when inspecting small or detailed components, as it ensures that even minor defects are clearly visible. This setup eliminates perspective errors and ensures uniform magnification across the entire field of view, crucial for detailed inspection of pills.

Implant Inspection - SmartPC-Ai1 Muti-Mirror System

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