SmartPC-Ai1 Series

We designed SmartPC-A1I to solve the challenges we face in Industrial Computer Vision. 
Our main customers requested a new device that could solve common problems in that field: durability, simplicity of deployment, ultra-compact design, and top performance. 
It means no more hundreds of different cables to choose and connect, no more different vendors for different parts of the vision system, no more dozens of different failure points to analyse in case of an incident.
The optical system is from famous Italian brand Opto Engineering, of which we are the sole distributor in Korea, while the computing power comes from NVIDIA AI-Edge devices (4-6 and 8 cores). 
The high-power illumination is handled by an internal controller and totally managed by onboard software.
Another innovation that we introduced can be found in the automated remote cloud training. Training task for Deep Learning is a big resource and time-consuming task. The traditional approach solves this problem with very expensive workstations that are good for training but overpower all the other tasks. We removed this requirement from the on-site production device, which now can be robust, fast for inference and low cost. After the labelling, the dataset is transferred to the cloud in a click of a button and the training starts automatically. When the training is completed by our powerful servers, the inference-model is transferred back to the production device, and the operations can start.

Ai1 innovative approach

SmartPC-Ai1 includes:
  1. Industrial Computer
  2. 5Mp 2/3” camera
  3. Telecentric lens
  4. Mirrors system
  5. High power illumination
  6. High power Light controller
  7. Aluminum clamping
  8. Linear stage Z axis
  9. Software deep learning based
  10. PLC, triggering, encoders communication ready
  11. Customizable GUI (Logo, colors)
  12. Protective windows (Sapphire)
  13. Motorized focus

Traditional Approach

Computer Hardware

  • Fast= based on NVIDIA AI Supercomputers in 3 different configurations 4-cores, 6- cores and 8-cores.
  • Robust= rugged hardware with industrial. compliant connectors and opto-isolated GPIO
  • Versatile= integrated current controller for high power illumination with I/O for the camera trigger (encoder or sensor).
  • Super compact= stand alone version including the software is available for customized applications.



  • Fast= proprietary libraries optimized on our hardware to run on GPU at the maximum performances
  • Robust= software is made ad-hoc on the hardware to optimize speed, driver compatibility and user experience.
  • Versatile= deep learning feature allows the inspection of any kind of object as far as it is  visible by the vision system.
  • Innovative= the end-user can directly label the pictures and train the model on the cloud automatically and with few clicks.

SmartPC-Ai1 TCPW (multi-mirrors system)

All in One solutions plug and play with deep learning-based software

Ai1 - All in One solution

TCPW-Ai1 is a total vision solution for inspection and quality control of objects from multiple views using a single shot.

  • Available in 3 different FOV and 3  different angles.
  • Software  integrated in a user-friendly interface.
  • Plug and Play set up let you save a lot of time.
  • Easy HW and SW technical support. 
  • 4 steps easy process: 
  • acquisition 
  • labeling 
  • training on the cloud 
  • runtime of inference model on a powerful integrated edge device.

Optical System

  • Accurate= Telecentric Optical system in 3 different FOV 0.184X, 0.157X and 0.138X
  • Precise= 5Mp Camera 2/3”
  • Robust= rugged hardware and sapphire glass windows to protect the optical system
  • Versatile= 6 mirrors to inspect the object side view at full 360 degrees and selectable in 3 different view angles at 30,40 or 50 deg

Accurate= Telecentric Optical system in 3 different FOV 0.184X, 0.157X and 0.138

TCPW360-48FOV CameraMagDOFAngleWD (mm)
TCPW360-483046x38.5 mm0.184 x2030Close~35
TCPW360-484046x38.5 mm0.184 x2040Close~15
TCPW360-485046x38.5 mm0.184 x2050Close~5
TCPW360-56FOV CameraMagDOFAngleWD (mm)
TCPW360-563054x45 mm0.157 x2730Close~35
TCPW360-564054x45 mm0.157 x2740Close~17
TCPW360-565054x45 mm0.157 x2750Close~5
TCPW360-64FOV CameraMagDOFAngleWD (mm)
TCPW360-643061.5x51 mm0.138 x3530Close~35
TCPW360-644061.5x51 mm0.138 x3540Close~15
TCPW360-645061.5x51 mm0.138 x3550Close~5

SmartPC-Ai1 CDAA (catadioptric system)

All in One solutions plug and play with deep learning-based software

SmartPC-Ai1 Series (multi-mirrors system)

Ai1 - All in One solution

Total Vision solution for inspection and quality control of 360 degrees side view of an objects using a single shot.

  • Software  integrated in a user-friendly interface.
  • High power Illumination and controller included.
  • Plug and Play set up. Save time and help with the technical support. 
  • Deep Learning 4 steps easy process: 
  • acquisition 
  • labeling 
  • training on the cloud
  • runtime of inference model on a powerful integrated edge device.



Optical System

  • Innovative= 360 degrees side view with one shot
  • Flexible= available for 1/3”, 1/2” and 2/3” cameras based on the speed requirements of the application
  • Robust= rugged hardware and closed case to protect from dust
  • Compact= super small form factor for a full side inspection.
CDAA Preview
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